Polishing discs
cloth, flap, sisal, grinding, wiping pads and polishing compounds

Micron PLUS Inc.
currently belongs among the foremost polishing disc manufacture specialists. Thanks to expediency, quality and reasonable prices our company is one of the main suppliers in the polishing supplies field.

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FLEX Grinders – satin brushing machines

This grinder can be used for grinding and polishing of oversized metal parts which can not normally polished on classical polishing machines, large areas of stainless steel and brass vessels, possibly built-in metal structures.
Grinders can be fitted with: grinding cylinder (fleece, sandpaper) and sloth segments.

Specifications LP 1503 VR

  • max abrasive disc diameter - 115 mm
  • speed - 1200 - 3700 rpm
  • tool width - 100 mm
  • weight - 2,9 kg
  • power requirement - 1200 W
  • power output - 700 W

Round surface use.

Rubber driving cylinder and an abrasive belt will bring stainless steel railing to a high gloss.

Assortment of polishing and grinding wheels for Flex and Fein grinders


  • 100x100x19
  • 100x50x19


  • Cloth segment - prepolishing: Brunok
  • Cloth segment - high gloss: Brushed Molino, Molino
  • Rough grinding: Sandpaper cylinder
  • Matting, prepolishing: Abrasive fleece cylinder

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