Polishing discs
cloth, flap, sisal, grinding, wiping pads and polishing compounds

Micron PLUS Inc.
currently belongs among the foremost polishing disc manufacture specialists. Thanks to expediency, quality and reasonable prices our company is one of the main suppliers in the polishing supplies field.

Let it pass with MICRON PLUS


We offer renovation of your gastro-equipment, cutlery, pots and other stainless or metal equipment. Besides achieving considerably better visual effect, it has been proved that it is easier to maintain polished surface hygienically clean. Thanks to the polishing, your old cutlery and gastro equipment will look like brand new!


The average acquisition cost for a new piece of cutlery is 80 CZK per piece, renovated piece of cutlery is 10 times cheaper.
For renovating one piece of cutlery, you will pay only 8 CZK per piece.

  • The price for 100 pieces of new cutlery is 8.000 CZK; renovation of 100 pieces costs 800 CZK.
  • The price for 500 pieces of new cutlery is 40.000 CZK; renovation of 500 pieces costs 4000 CZK.
  • The price for 1000 pieces of new cutlery is 80.000 CZK; renovation of 1000 pieces costs 8000 CZK.

You will not be able to tell apart the new ones from your renovated cutlery and you can save quite an amount of money.



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