Polishing discs
cloth, flap, sisal, grinding, wiping pads and polishing compounds

Micron PLUS Inc.
currently belongs among the foremost polishing disc manufacture specialists. Thanks to expediency, quality and reasonable prices our company is one of the main suppliers in the polishing supplies field.

Let it pass with MICRON PLUS


Only well-sharpened knives can be highly functional. Using our set for knife sharpening, you can accomplish perfect results.

The set contains:

  • 1 piece - Layered sandpaper wheel BKSV Ø 160x30x45 grit grain 60 - 320 - Price 360 CZK
  • 1 piece - Layered abrasive fleece disc BKA Ø 160x30x45 grit grain 120 - 320 - Price 309 CZK
  • 1 piece - Polishing wheel Calico Ø 150x25 - Price 50 CZK
  • 0,5kg - Polishing compound PB 703 - Price 45 CZK


We offer also individually sold discs for common and easy sharpening of knives, axes, wood-cutting tools and other kinds of blades. The abrasive disc can be fastened to all types of hand electric drills.

  • Layered abrasive wheel with a shank
  • BKA Ø 80x50x6 P 180 - Price 195 CZK, without VAT
  • BKA Ø 60x30x6 P 180 - Price 140 CZK, without VAT

When sharpening, it is possible to firmly fasten either the electric drill or the sharpened object.