Polishing discs
cloth, flap, sisal, grinding, wiping pads and polishing compounds

Micron PLUS Inc.
currently belongs among the foremost polishing disc manufacture specialists. Thanks to expediency, quality and reasonable prices our company is one of the main suppliers in the polishing supplies field.

Let it pass with MICRON PLUS


We offer polishing and matte-finishing of all materials, of various shapes and sizes, in the highest quality. Employing specialists with long-time experience, we can always guarantee professional quality of our service. Our aim is the customer satisfaction; therefore we deal with every order individually so that the total quality of polishing is ensured.


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For polishing of various surfaces we use modern, professional and high quality polishing devices, possibly also polishing automats, which guarantee high quality results. We deal also with the production of polishing discs and compounds, which enables us to meet any customer requirement. Our specialists can deal with the most complicated surface structures.


Using the modern and high-performance polishing devices, our specialists are able to achieve the highest standard of polishing and matte-finishing. With their long-time experience, they are able to polish and matte-finish any surface, as well as to advise you on the ways of maintaining polished materials in high gloss as long as possible.


Every polished material requires the use of different types of polishing discs and polishing compounds. Our specialists use only those discs and polishing compounds which suit the particular type of the surface to avoid any possible damage to the polished area. We can always guarantee total quality of polishing and matte-finishing of metallic as well as non-metallic materials.