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MICRON PLUS s.r.o., is currently one of the specialists in the production of polishing wheels. With speed, quality and value for money, we are among the leading suppliers of polishing and grinding supplies. Our product range includes polishing wheels made of natural material called SISAL. The input material is made to order according to our own technical requirements in order to achieve the optimum quality of the sisal polishing wheel, which is particularly suitable for manufacturers or processors of stainless steel parts.


We hold a certificate of engineering testing institue of Czech Republic and we comlply with the quality management certifikate according to ČSN EN ISO 9001:2016 and our own utility models.


We use high-quality materials for production, and minimal circumferential unevenness is ensured due to the manual layering of worksheets and the mechanical cutting of corners. For squeegees we use 100% boulder guaranteeing high absorbency and heat resistance.




  • We provide attractive benefits to wholesaler:
  • Personal approach - visit our sales representative
  • Delivery of goods within 48 hours in Czech republic
  • Discount 5 - 20% from our basic price list
  • Invoice maturity 60 days based on written purchase contract
  • Possibility of returning the collected goods within 14 days
Pasta Lea MIDAS
133,10 Kč