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Special combination discs

The wheels in various combinations are suitable for finer machining of softer materials.

In particular, wood processors use these combinations to achieve the effect.

Disc combination options:

  • Sisal-molino/Molino
  • Sisal molino / Yekor
  • Jekor / Mokrutex / Felt
  • Molino / Emery
  • Abrasive fleece / Emery

These wheels are used in furniture machines for folding up to edging.

The coarser combination is used to clean the cut surfaces. Finer combinations can also be used, for example, in the manufacture and installation of parquet to clean and highlight surfaces.

For the polishing of wooden parts, it is also possible to use a wavy or pleated cloth wheel, which removes heat from the polished material during polishing and does not burn the material.

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