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The nonwoven fabric is a flat layer made of unidirectional or randomly oriented fibers, linked by friction, cohesion or adhesion of individual fabric particles.

According to this definition, nonwovens do not include products bound by "classic" technologies such as weaving or knitting, but some experts also include tufted (woven) carpets or felt products in the nonwovens category. (with a large number of modifications) and recycled textile wastes.In laminated goods, textile fibers are often combined with metals or minerals, and with the rapid development of technology, the proportion of individual types of raw materials often changes, and recently, polypropylene fibers have reached about 50% and polyester about 25 % of the total, natural fibers have a minimum of 1% share.

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The nonwoven fabric is a textile fabric formed by laminating a web with a fiber arrangement predominantly stiffened in one direction by needling and optionally impregnated with a water acrylate dispersion. Furthermore, the nonwoven fabric may be stiffened with another fabric. For the production of nonwovens, a regenerated textile material is used with the possibility of guaranteeing mostly synthetic or natural materials; polyester fiber is used as the primary raw material.

The nonwoven fabric is produced in a basis weight of 250 to 1000 g / m2, with a maximum width of 250 cm.

The fabrics are useful for the manufacture of upholstered furniture, mattresses, home textiles, as protective fabrics, as cleaning materials, and for the control of weed growth. We offer both white and dark nonwoven fabrics according to their use.


GETEX: Non-woven geotextile used as a protective fabric, suitable for packaging industrial products or semi-finished products to prevent damage during transportation. Can be used for covering surfaces on buildings, concrete, as technical textiles. Higher weights suitable for upholstery such as thermal and sound insulation.

GETEX IMPREGNATED: Non-woven geotextile reinforced with water-acrylate dispersion. The fabric is used for the production of upholstered furniture, mattresses.

BELTEX: Nonwoven fabric suitable for garden pools and garden ponds, designed for wet environments.

BELTEX IMPREGNATED: Nonwoven fabric impregnated with water acrylate dispersion. The fabric is used for the production of upholstered furniture, mattresses.